Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Dr Chaloob is a highly experienced primary and revisional bariatric surgeon, with an excellent record for safety and success. Dr Chaloob submits all his procedures for audit with the Bariatric Surgical Registry and is a recognised as a multiple Leading Gold Contributor. Dr Chaloob and his team work closely with you to reach your goals and reduce metabolic disease to improve overall well being and quality of life.

Whilst majority of primary weight loss surgeries are successful and the most effective form of weight loss, some patients will experience suboptimal weight loss, weight regain or relapse of metabolic disease. After addressing contributing factors including dietary, social, psychological, pharmacological and other medical conditions, some patients will require revisional bariatric surgery.

Reasons to consider bariatric revisional surgery

  • Suboptimal weight loss or weight regain after initial bariatric surgery
  • Relapse or persistent metabolic conditions
  • Complications from previous bariatric surgery including reflux
  • Change in health conditions or lifestyle that require a different type of bariatric procedure

Types of bariatric revision procedures

  • Gastric Band Revision: removing the gastric band and then converting to another procedure like a gastric bypass.
  • Gastric sleeve revision: converting a previous gastric sleeve procedure to a gastric bypass
  • Gastric bypass revision: converting a single anastomosis gastric bypass to a roux en y gastric bypass or reduction of the gastric pouch size, gastrojejunal anastomosis reduction, bypass limb length modification


  • Revisional bariatric surgery carries an increased risk of complications and these are thoroughly discussed.
  • There is an increased chance of a procedure being converted to an open procedure, however this remains a very small risk.


  • Weight loss tends to be less than the primary bariatric procedure, however when the contributing factors to the need for revisional surgery are addressed, patients tend lose weight and are more likely to have metabolic comorbidities go into remission.

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